Just Do It.

menu planner extraordinaire

As Brian Johnson points out, “St Nike was right” – Just Do It.

As a typical first-born, control-freak perfectionist, it’s taken me a long time to even accept that there may be a grain of truth to this statement. Blogging about my lists and goals is forcing me to just get it *done*. Even if it’s a bit crap, it’s better than not doing it at all. Right?

So, I hate wasting food. It freaks me out (read hysterical “my Mum was right and I’ve seen those –not very many– starving kids in Africa!”). I hate shopping/ supermarkets and the thought of having to go more than once a week literally sucks the will to live from the very marrow of my bones. These are two pretty good reasons for a menu planner.

I’m too stereotypically Scottish/ cheap to spend a small fortune on one, and I’m addicted to Etsy. The obvious solution was “make one”. Except, I’m frozen rigid with inaction when I scour the internet and look at the hardcore, craft goddesses who make amazing things every day. Epic failure is surely in my future [Have you *seen* CakeWrecks?!].

Instead of reading 2,570,000 blogs, articles or wikihows on making a menu planner, I just did it. With Michael’s help.

Well, here it is. And guess what? No one came to my door to tell me how much my menu planner sucks. And whether our nanny, Innocent finds it a tragic, amateurish attempt at craft or not, she still uses it to plan the meals for the kids. Nor did she pull up a Pinterest board of amazing menu planners and do a compare-and-contrast in front of a full house at the Kenya National Theatre. The kids can’t read, so they don’t care. And Charlotte loves The Gruffalo stickers on it.

The joy of ticking something off my list.



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