“If you all live to be a hundred…


My friends looked like this

‘Surprise Someone’ was my goal for the last week of January.

At any other time, I would have scratched my head for a long, long time. But as only a few others knew, this was the perfect week for a surprise.

My new contract needed me to visit the UK. And it just happened to be the week one of my closest friends was celebrating her ….th birthday. And it just happened to be work out that work could fly me to Scotland, if I flew my crazy butt down to London and worked during the week.

Words cannot describe the joy of surprising my Dad, the birthday girl and Mama Ton. To help make someone’s day is only part of it. I have to admit my sister and I experienced a certain, smug, I’m-too-smart-for-my-own-good, you-had-no-idea-we’re-this-smart-and-could-trick-you satisfaction surprising the lot of you. Antonia pulling out her iPad (for that Skype chat we were going to have) will keep me chuckling until the next surprise. Super Sister Shelly – it was a pleasure plotting with you.

If I was independently wealthy, I would do this all the fricking time!!

And just in case you weren’t quite sure what they looked like, go here.


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