“We become what we repeatedly do”

Yes, I’m alive, alive-o. I didn’t travel for a month, so I could/ should/ would have been updating this with all the exciting goals I was hitting. A-hem. I have a few hundred reasons for not updating this blog, ranging from ‘sleep seemed more important’ to ‘Kristian’s drool killed my trackpad’.

I also watched this great TED talk by Derek Sivers and read this LifeHacker article on the perils of sharing your goals, which was my best excuse (in a twisted kinda way).

Research conclusively proves that when you tell someone your goals, your mind is tricked or substituted into believing the goal is achieved. It makes it less likely to happen. It feels ‘real’. So, there’s no incentive to reach your goal…because you’ve reached it already, right?

With that scary thought in mind, realising that I was coasting along with the satisfaction of reaching all of my goals (in my mind), I deleted my goals on DayZeroProject.com (and kept a copy for myself).

However, I’m back with good news: last Monday, I flew to Harare, Zimbabwe, making it my FIFTH new country in 2013. My five new countries are:

1. Rwanda (not spelt Ra-wanda…)
2. Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
3. Mozambique
4. Tanzania (Zanizibar)
5. Zimbabwe

When I made the goal, I had no idea how I was going to manage that with no regular income and two young kids. Then I got a six-month contract that includes managing projects in nine countries with an expectation that I’d visit some of them. Yipee.

Talk about Law of Attraction. Or maybe telling-everyone-my-goals-so-they-get-bored-of-hearing-and-help-to-make-it-happen-for-me.

Now skipping off for a week in new country number 6 (Zambia).


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