Breaking up is hard to do

sugar sugar

Sugar Honey Ice Tea. Sugar is bad for me. It’s bad for all of us. At least in the quantities we consume it. On my return from Freetown, I bought the National Geographic Magazine – the cover photo of a cupcake was too enticing. But then I read the article. As I learned about how much sugar is hiding in everything, and how little I actually need, I could feel my pancreas shutting down from the horror of it all. And I felt very guilty…I already knew sugar was not my friend.

Last September, a lovely woman rang the death knell to my crummy eating habits: dairy, yeast, white fish and sugar were making me sick. I dived right in, avoiding the first three in a major way, and was pretty good for a few months. I felt amazing. I had so much energy. And the price of soya beans went through the roof.

And then began the slow slide back to eating junk. One slice of pizza here, one Art Pesto pasta dish there. I’d feel rancid and suck it up, accepting it was the price for tasty food. Plus, we eat out a LOT: at restaurants and at friends’. It’s so awkward being the one that says, ‘I can’t eat anything on this menu’, ‘thanks for dinner! I can’t eat any of it’.

For some odd reason, I didn’t really include sugar in my list of foods to avoid. The thought of no chocolate, sweets, sorbet, etc was simply too devastating. However, with some experience behind me, I’m recommitting to my healthier eating habits…and this time, I’m really quitting sugar. Ok, not quitting, but ‘taking a break’. From February when Sarah Wilson’s 8-week programme starts. I’m working up to it. I have 3 months to say goodbye, finish my Nutella stash, and end my love affair with Haribo (which are kind of revolting so I’m not sure why I eat them). Plus, I’m not sure that cutting out anything in it’s entirety is a good idea…unless I’m going to go into shock and die from it.


Really, this is like that hot dude you know is bad for you and you keep going back for more. How am I going to do this?!




3 responses to “Breaking up is hard to do

  1. Quitting entirely? I can help! Have all your chocolate imported from the UK and refuse to eat chocolate from anywhere else! That is full-proof because UK chocolate is pretty revolting. Haribo? I’m not sure why eat eat them either…except Tangfastic and the mix with cherries 😀 As regards general junk, just workout until you feel sick daily, that usually has everyone cursing junk food! Failing this…nope, I have nothing else to offer!

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