My Four-Week Spending Fast

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begone evil sacks of temptation

Possibly one of the most ridiculous things to do in the Golden Quarter: go on a shopping embargo. But Andria Tomkins has inspired me with hers. It goes a little something like this:

  1. Only buy essentials such as food, petrol and nutella phone credit
  2. Don’t go to shopping malls (yee-frickin-har! Shopping centres are my 6th circle of hell)
  3. And ask yourself these questions before you whip out the cash/ card/ chequebook:
      • Can I borrow one?
      • Can I buy it secondhand?
      • Can I reuse something I already have?
      • Will I get a lot of use out of this?
      • Can I wait a month before deciding to buy it?

My wee sister and I grew up learning some pretty heinous ways to manage our money, and we spent our 20s bemoaning our legacy and clawing our way out of debt. While I’m thankfully no longer in debt, my money just doesn’t do what I want it to do (naughty money), and it’s time to get it/ me into shape. I think getting my ‘urges’ under control is a good start.

As Andrea explains, it’s a personal choice how this plays out for each of us. Since I’m not visiting malls every weekend buying cheap clothing, that’s not really an issue for me (but any excuse to avoid malls is welcome). I’ve decided I’m going to have to i. not eat take out for almost every meal except breakfast ii. stop redecorating various bits of our flat, and iii. realise that shopping online means these things are in the UK while I’m 6,000km away in Kenya (not very useful). Seems pretty straightforward.

My own spending fast will begin on October 23rd and last one month. I’ve joined the Facebook group (that makes it official, right?) and will really stick to my notorious (and unproven) national stereotype. I’m all about changing habits, and if this makes me even a little bit more mindful, then it’s a winner.


3 responses to “My Four-Week Spending Fast

    • Actually, you’re a genius. My natural tendency to plan and not be spontaneous took over there. Thanks for reigning me in!

      Ok, starting from now till October 7th it is…

      • Haha…thanks đŸ™‚ For stuff like this, I just do the Band-Aid approach…..get it on with it and rip it off fast!

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