So long ‘Inbox Malfunction’


I’ve been struggling to get my Yahoo, Gmail and office inboxes down to zero. Actually, just my Gmail (I manage zero inbox with the others fairly regularly).

I have less than 50 emails in my Gmail inbox, and regularly have a zero inbox for my Yahoo and office accounts. And after a friend explained that she has over 1,000 unread emails in her inbox – and no one else expressed horror – I realised it’s time to say goodbye to my Gmail auto-reply that has entertained many of you this year. 

I’ve been described as a control freak by some (ok, to my face, only by my husband one time), and aiming for a zero inbox with three accounts is probably a little tragic (blush). So I’ll stop spamming everyone who tries to get in touch, and try to find other ways to keep myself amused.

For the last time, here it is:


Thanks for your message!
I’m suffering from email overload and can’t promise to reply to your email before my kids reach full-time education. Therefore, I’m making some changes to my current email management policy:
i. If your email needs an urgent response, call me or send me an SMS.
ii. If you’re far away and your email is a catch-up, let’s Skype.
iii. If your email is neither of those and it’s critically important that I read and respond, I will now be checking my email once a day.
Thanks for being part of my sanity-recovery programme,

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