Making sense of the Westgate attack

It’s over. Apparently.

It feels more like the intermission in a horrific tragedy. I can’t explain it to myself let alone my kids.

Thank you, Richard Crompton for your own take on how children are handling this: Explaining the Westgate attack to a 6 year-old.


5 responses to “Making sense of the Westgate attack

    • That is brutal. I think ‘difficult’ probably doesn’t quite cover how awful that was. And how is your daughter handling it? The resilience of children always surprises me.

      • She has outwardly taken it well, but I can see little changes which means she isn’t quite able to express herself.

        At her school today, one of her friends was crying so I called her over for a hug and in a few seconds 4 other girls (including my daughter) came over and hugged me…we had a great group hug…what an amazing feeling.

      • Hugs are incredible. I couldn’t stop hugging people on Saturday afternoon…or really haven’t stopped.

        The reassurance and feeling if being connected to another person…

        I’m sending you hugs from Kilimani!

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