Kicking goal-setting in the face

Feeling super

Feeling super

It’s the last day of the year when I can guarantee two trains of thought:

1. “I didn’t reach the 4,934,203 goals I planned to do this year”

2. “What 6,394,042 goals will I achieve in 2014?”

Clearly, this experience is a bit stressful. I was never going to meet all of my crazy goals. It’s taken me a couple of decades to get to this realisation, but I am bored of feeling crap for not being SuperGirl/ WonderWoman and not achieving everything perfectly according to my Gantt Chart for Life. Thank you Psychology Today for this article explaining why it doesn’t work. Obviously, I should have read that two years ago.

So to get my head out of my arse, and be in the head space to enjoy what 2014 has in store for me, here is my list of what I did do in 2013:

  • Surprised my Dad, Karyn and Antonia with a secret trip to Scotland – TWICE
  • Finished a painting (or two or three…)
  • Wrote gratitudes every single day (and now Charlotte has her own little gratitude journal)
  • Travelled to 8 new countries
  • Joined the Fellowship (not LOTR)
  • Started Charlotte on a weekly allowance (cutting down the parental piggy bank expectations by about 57%)
  • Cut kiddie bedtime to 10 minutes, and reclaimed the middle of our bed (thank you Gro Clock and Linda, the Sleep Lady)
  • Parted with my appendix (not sure it’s something I achieved per se, but it’s momentous all the same)
  • Read over 50 books
  • Got blinds for the living room (if you knew how long we’d had nothing…)
  • Travelled with both kids to Scotland and back *alone* (we’re alive and I wasn’t incarcerated)
  • Got Charlotte (and myself) into Bikram yoga
  • Made meditation a daily practice
  • Learned some cool songs on my bass guitar
  • Subscribed to Monocle (really, where have you been all my life?)
  • Fell in love with dorky online games (thanks LumosityCisco’s binary game and the Guardian crosswords)
  • Finally went to the Mara (and saw leopards!)
  • Camped at a music festival
  • Presented at a literary festival
  • Decorated Charlotte’s bedroom (which she loves)

This doesn’t include the incredible friends I’ve made and kept, or those experiences that were wonderful at the time but somehow I can’t quite recall.

On reflection, 2013 wasn’t so bad after all. Here’s to 2014.


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