Sugar Sugar


Two exciting, and slightly scary things happened today:

1. I signed up for the I Quit Sugar 8-week program. Remember when I said I would do this? I’m actually doing it. I was convinced when I saw the recipe for sugar-free Ferror Roche. Oddly, I’ve managed to time this when I’ll be living out of a suitcase in London with limited access to kitchen accessories. My two ‘supervisors’, Rosie and Rebecca have a lot of whinging in store. At least my children will be delighted as I have two huge jars of Nutella that I can’t possibly consume between now and my departure.

2. I got a copy of David Allen’s Getting Things Done. Finally. And it’s my book-to-read while I’m in London for three weeks (in addition to some of the 71 books languishing on my Kindle). Actually, this isn’t scary at all but is very exciting. Yet again, I have another to-do book that I will plow through and love, and whose tips and advice I may even follow for a couple of weeks. And then it will sit wistfully on my bookshelf gathering dust, giving me the guilt-eye.

Nothing like starting out on a positive note.


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