Finding the blues on Google maps

To avoid blog-inertia, I thought I’d do a quick update on my (second) week in London. Of course, a lot of it involves yummy lunches and dinners with colleagues and friends, but I have managed to squeeze some more interesting things into this week. (Mostly thanks to GoogleMaps who tell me where I’m going.) Of course, I look haggard and will not complain about child-induced tiredness again (or for at least a few months).

This week, I:

  • Enjoyed art lessons with Nick Malone
  • Avoided heart failure and found zen at YogaHaven‘s fabulous Hot Flow class
  • Continued to love my job and great colleagues (they bought me gin, what can I say?)
  • Chatted with my gorgeous family and was relieved to i. see they were surviving happily without me and ii. not possessed
  • Traumatised some of my aforementioned colleagues with a dodgy story about the Krankies that can only be repeated in person
  • Laughed my arse off at the fantastic American Hustle
  • Bought wine for the amazing Mikey at the AlleyCat (and watched his bromance with my crazy friend unfold before my eyes)
  • Avoided fire-bombing any Vodafone store I came across after the horrendous service of the last week
  • Didn’t kiss Oyster/ TfL or Apple, although I wanted to 
  • Devoured the beautiful Klee exhibition at the Tate Modern…and watched my friend ‘enjoy’ her first fish & chips after

After that squeezed into a week, I’m ready to sleep for 3 or 4 days. 



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