Geek Out! Le geek c’est chic


During my last week in London, I am in my own little geek heaven. As well as discovering there is a knitting store right around the corner from my office (that I had to visit since I’m crocheting a throw for my friend’s mum), I also discovered that one of my wonderful colleagues, Kevin, is a game board geek. Hark, did the angels sing “Hallelujah!”, &c, &c.

I have now squeezed my way into his group that play during lunch breaks (my plan for April when I’m back), and he also very generously loaned me a game for the Big Logies to help review.

Gone are the days of zombie children staring vacantly at the television as they watch Madagascar 3 for the 75th time.

Please note: I’m not using ‘geek’ to mean tech enthusiast but more ‘enthusiast enthusiast’.


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