Sugar is the Devil


I’m now half-way through the I Quit Sugar 8-week programme. Kinda doing it my own way (read: not following it properly at all). Despite my inability to follow the instructions on the box, I’m still loving it.

What rocks:

  1. I have a lot more energy
  2. I sleep far better
  3. I swear my thighs are marginally smaller than 4 weeks ago
  4. A cook comes to our house to make the yummy foods in the meal plan (*blush*)
  5. I’m getting better at saying ‘no’ to the sweet stuff
  6. I gave my Emergency Chocolate to a friend and colleague, and didn’t grab it back off her (or sneak into her desk to get it when she left for the day)…and I’m ok with the sad, empty space in my desk drawer that my EC was previously occupying
  7. I think my personality is on a more even keel as I’m not having sugar-lows in the same way (please note there is no third-party verification of this)

What doesn’t rock:

  1. Being surrounded by my sugar-junkie friends and family (although there has been a serious reduction in the amount sugary snacks/ processed food in our pantry) who are having an awesome time eating their pains au chocolat and bags of Haribo sweets
  2. Being tempted by high-sugar fruit or – gasp! – chocolate and feeling rancid afterwards with headbuzz, nausea and the rest. Ug.
  3. Resisting honey, which is just *hard*
  4. Freestyling on the meal plan/ tips and suffering from a sugar low…oh boy, that Snickers/ Crunchie/ Dairy Milk/ Twix/ cake/ whatever is looking really good

Despite the growing number of stories out there on how bad sugar is for us, I don’t see myself quitting sugar forever. A little sweetness in life keeps the smile on my face. Although, after reading about these rats that preferred sugar over cocaine that sweetness may be in the form of raisins and fresh mango…


One response to “Sugar is the Devil

  1. This is AWESOME!!! Keep up with the program and I am sure you will see even greater results! Here is a video for a bit more motivation.

    Sugar elimination does not have to be eternal, but it does need to be sparingly. A dessert here and there or special occassions. It is the daily and continuous intake that is killing people. Honey is able to be processed in the body so that is something to keep in mind.

    Sugar is the devil though, it just want to kill you.

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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