99 Days of Freedom: So long Facebook!


One of my closest friends forwarded a link to a site called 99 Day of Freedom. Curious, I clicked to discover that “In response to Facebook’s controversial mood experiment“, this online study of life without Facebook was created.

Further encouraged by my disgust (coupled with cynical not-surprise) at the news of Facebook using a sketchy agreement to bypass research ethics, I was pretty interested. Like an addict of any kind, ice-cold fingers squeezed my lungs at the thought of not going on Facebook at all for 99 days. But then I remembered: Facebook is my key procrastination toy for playing in the Dark Playground. It plays a big part in why my life is full of just-started, half-done, nearly-there projects. I signed up instantly. 

Thankfully, the website has a message board where 33,305 of us can support and encourage each other with ideas to escape the little blue square on our smartphones/ tablets (tip #1 Delete the app). 99DOF has 5 quick tips to help me get through the DTs:

  1. Enjoy missing out on events by doing even cooler unexpected things at the same time.

  2. Get together with this friend you’ve been dying to hangout with for so long.

  3. Meet long lost pals, in real life that is.

  4. Call, or even better, meet one of your loved ones. You now have the time to do so!

  5. Don’t forget to do nothing, absolutely nothing, while you’re at it!

I can’t believe I won’t be updating you all on the minutiae of my life, and in turn, be updated on yours.



My “Fight Procrastination” plan will need expanding since it I managed to procrastinate on finishing this teeny-weeny post. Tragic.


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